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New security rules at Poznań Airport

Czwartek, 2020-06-18 

From June 1, 2020, after 2.5 months of waiting, we can again host travelers at the Poznań Port. Passengers are required to comply with the new safety guidelines.


Below are the most important rules for passengers:

  1. Entering the airport is only possible through the Departures terminal.
  2. Exit from the Arrivals hall is intended only for arriving passengers. It is not possible to enter the Port through it.
  3. It is not possible to pass between Departures and Arrivals terminals. Persons leaving the terminal will be subjected to a security procedure upon re-entry.
  4. Only passengers, guardians of minors and disabled passengers, aircraft crews and airport employees may enter the terminal area.
  5. All persons entering are subject to mandatory temperature measurement.
  6. People with a temperature ≥ 38 ° C will not be allowed into the terminal.
  7. Passengers with symptoms suggesting the possibility of COVID-19 infection (fever ≥ 38 ° C, persistent cough, difficulty breathing or other flu-like symptoms) will not be allowed to continue their journey.
  8. All persons (except children under 4 years of age) are required to wear protective masks covering their mouths and nose.
  9. All passengers are required to keep a distance of 1.5 m: during check-in, passport control, security check, and before boarding, during boarding and disembarkation, as well as baggage claim.
  10. In order to maintain a safe distance, some seats in the terminal area have been taken out of use.
  11. Common use spaces have been temporarily closed - smoking rooms and play areas.
  12. All persons are obliged to observe the rules of hygiene: decontamination of hands, covering the mouth and nose (handkerchief, clothing or bending the elbow) when coughing or sneezing.

We set a passenger path in:

  • entrance to the Departures hall,
  • exit from the Arrivals hall,
  • approach to check-in in the Check-In hall,
  • approach to the security control zone,
  • approach to a dedicated Gate,
  • approach to collecting luggage in the Arrivals hall,
  • at the Airport Information Point (Arrivals).

All airport employees make every effort to ensure that passengers can travel comfortably and safely. Please respect the applicable rules and thank you for your understanding.

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