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Airport Expansion

The most important part of the expansion has been completed. Our passengers have been making use of new airside infrastructure, expanded terminal and new car park areas since May. We do appreciate new quality, but we have not finished the modernization process yet, the grand finale is scheduled for the half of the next year.

As a result of an intensive expansions process, we have put into service new airside and landside infrastructure. Our Airport has seen a new parallel taxiway and additional apron space, whereas in the expanded terminal a new arrival area has been commissioned.  Without these investment, operating capacity of the Airport would soon by exhausted as the number of passengers handled last year came up to the level of the previous terminal capacity. The development plans we have in majority completed are based on the forecast of dynamic increase in traffic in the next 30 years.


Key Part - the Airside

Using the new taxiway parallel to the runway has increased its capacity threefold. In terms of figures it means that the number of hourly take-offs and landings has risen to 30. Landing planes can use the so-called rapid exit ways in order to exit the runway without blocking oncoming air traffic. As a result of expansion of the apron there are six new stands for the larger aircrafts right next to the new part of the terminal. The apron area has increased by 46.000 m² and the total number of aircraft stands is now 23. From the passenger's point of view, airside area is not the most fascinating part of an airport. The infrastructure, however, is the key to safe and efficient aircraft handling, especially during traffic peaks and air operations accumulating in a short amount of time.


Expanded Terminal 

At the end of May this year, in the expanded part of the terminal we held the opening ceremony for the new arrival area. It is located in the newly built structure connected with the current building with the future main hall. Spacious, modern and comfortable area has been designed to ensure our passengers the utmost convenience as well as sustain functionality and ease in spatial orientation. It all fits together into a harmonious whole and is one of the most remarkable examples of architecture among European terminals. The original idea brought to life 10 years ago by Poznan-based Studio ADS is being continued yet not copied directly in current expansion of the terminal. So far, more than 17.800 m² of new space has been added including new arrival area with the capacity of 1.900 passenger per hour!


Modernisation Continued

Currently, there are construction works going on in the part of the terminal handling passengers  since 2001. This building will be ultimately converted into a departure area.  New check-in hall will be located right between the arrival and departure area. Such construction will not only take over arrival handling, but also check-in.  We are expanding the commercial area in the departure zone in order to adjust commercial service offer to diversified needs, characteristic for a particular type a customer. New quality of handling the departing passengers will be also reflected in numbers - minimum capacity will be 1.000 passengers per hour!

This year will see the ultimate transformation of our Airport and the expansion started in April 2011 will come to an end. We are changing for all users of our Airport - airlines, handling agents, services operating on our premises. But first and foremost, we wish to change for you, our passengers!


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