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Commercial Space

Commercial Space The Airport is one of the most characteristic and distinguishable objects in Poznań. It is a well-known landmark, both for inhabitants of the city and for visitors, coming here for business.

Office and commercial space offer comfort and make contacts with clients easier. Offered rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, glass walls provide good lighting (which improves the image of goods on sale). Open space allows for commercial space unrestricted arrangement. Indoors there are an escalator and a modern lift, enabling easy access to rooms located at the entresol.

Space to let offered by the Airport

Commercial and office area:
Passenger terminal

  1. Airport public zone - first floor: 250 PLN/m² per month
  2. Airport public zone - mezzanine: 150 PLN/ m² per month
  3. duty free zone - first floor

Cargo terminal
  1. 60 PLN/m² per month

General Aviation terminal
  1. 80,00 PLN/m² per month

Passenger Terminal
The passenger terminal is a prestigious place for dedicated exhibitions in the main hall or at the observation deck. We also offer explosion of pictures in the Executive Lounge or VIP Lounge – at a negotiable charge.

Check-in desks
A check-in desk 150 PLN net – available for 2 hours before a scheduled flight – location: public check-in hall

Contact us for more Information!

Trade Department
Poznań Airport Ltd
60-189 Poznań
ul. Bukowska 285

tel.: +48 61 849 29 24

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