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Beginnings of Poznań Airport

Stacja Lotnicza Poznań (Poznań Airport Station), the Prussian military airport in Ławica in the vicinity of Poznań, was established in1913. The facilities were to fortify V Army Corps based in the city, but the idea of buying a plane and building-up an airport was created in the editorial office of a local everyday paper called Posener Tageblatt . The initiative of fund raising for this purpose, supported by the authorities of the city and the province, was being completed by a special committee. What contributed to the success of the project, was great interest of the local society for novelties regarding aviation. The offcial opening ceremony took place on 26th August 1913 - Kaiser Wilhelm II attended a parade by V Army Corps, accompanied by thousands of inhabitants of the city. The Airport area of around 300 hectares included: grass airside, barracks, workshops and three halls planned for thirty airplanes. One of them, called Poznań, was bought from the funds raised by Posener Tageblatt team.

At the Airport, before and during the Great War, there was a school for pilots, observers and mechanics, airplanes were repaired and aviation equipment was stored, too. After the war, when the region previously under the Prussian rule reminded in the German area, the Airport played a vital role during Wielkopolska Uprising (also called the Greater Poland Uprising or Posnanian War).

With the outbreak of battle on 27th of December 1918, the city was taken by Poles, but a military unit stationing in Ławica posed a serious threat. When German commanders of back-up air unit refused the proposal of conditional surrender, Polish headquarters decided to take over in battle. It began at night on 5th of January 1919 - a troop amounting to 350-400 insurrectionists, supported by two cannos, conquered the Airport after twenty-minute-attack. Poles took over the Airpoirt area as well as valuable equipment - thirty airworthy combat and training airplanes and spare parts. After two unsuccessful runs by Germans, Poznań-Ławica Airport Station, as the first insurrection air force unit, started to play a significant role in Polish aviation development. Right from the moment of acquisition, a lot of initiatives were taken to create a civil airport. 

Based on "Na Podniebnych Szlakach - Port Lotniczy Poznań-Ławica - Tradycja i wpółczesność 1913-2001", by dr Andrzej Zarzycki; published by Wydawnictwo i Drukarnia UNI_DRUK s.c., 2001 





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